Ricardo Cavolo x BOO
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I first saw Ricardo Cavolo’s artwork about a year ago, while visiting some friends in Madrid who had an original drawing at home. Since then I have been following and admiring the work of this young artist with a unique universe of colorful characters and an iconography of tattooed men and fantastic legends that fascinates me.

So I was thrilled when he accepted our invitation to collaborate with BOO …

The result of this collaboration is a mini collection that represents our universe through his eyes. A few pieces that are very special for us: 4 hand painted unique pieces and a limited edition t-shirt and tote especially designed for BOO.

In addition, during these days, you will also find other pieces by Ricardo Cavolo such as the dolls he’s made for Lapuant, the t-shirts he designed for SNDCT and a few of his prints.

From May 2nd until June 15th at BOO and in our online store.